Car Seatblets


Child car harness in nz Seat belts are available for most makes and models in a good variety of colors and configurations. Different types of seat belts include:

Lap Belts:

Fitted in many vehicles in the center rear position. (In most cases these can be changed for a Lap / Diagonal but are not cheap or can be used in conjunction with a Child Harness) child safety harness for car.


These are the older style which are fixed and do not roll away Static Seat belts.


Common type of seat belt fitted to most vehicles which retracts back when not in use.

Some late model vehicles are fitted with ‘Pyrotechnic’ seat belts Retractable Seat Belt nz which connect to the airbag system – these are very expensive to replace and in most cases are available only as genuine parts from the vehicle manufacturers but please talk to us first.